Full Stack Development


Java, JEE, JBoss, Spring Boot, Javascript, Typescript, C++, Jasper, Oracle, Postgresql


Docker, Rancher, RESTfull, Microservice, zuul, Gitlab, Jenkins, NGINX, Elasticsearch


FreeBSD, Linux, Mac OS X, PF Firewall, VMware, bhyve

Programming Since The '80s

  • ATARI ST with GFA Basic
  • Intel 286 / DOS with Turbo Pascal and Assembler
  • Micro VAX with Micro Assembler
  • BS2000 with Cobol and Assembler
  • Intel 386 / Windows NT with C
  • Intel Pentium / Windows NT with C/C++/MFC/COM/DCOM
  • SUN Ultra Sparc with C/C++ and Java/Swing
  • The Java Enterprise times with Websphere, Weblogic and JBoss
  • Java with Spring Boot and all the other stuff
  • To be continued ...

Programming In The '10s

  • The pointer is back!
  • GO!
  • Moving to a containerized world ...